cut the rope experimentsCut the Rope Experiments is a fourth sequel of the awesome game, the original Cut The Rope. Your task in this fun game is to help a little creature called Om Nom eat a candy. It will not be as easy as it sounds though. The candies are hanging on a rope and you need to cut them off. In later levels, there will be multiple ropes attached to the candy and you will have to think wisely which ones you will be cutting first. Use your finger or mouse to play this game. Click and drag your left mouse button or slide your finger to cut the rope. Once the rope has been cut, the candy will fall down due to . Sometimes you will have to experiment a bit to find out what works and what doesn’t. In each level, there are 3 stars that you can collect before Om Nom eats the candy, each of them will increase your score. Interact with the candy using various objects in your surroundings. Position it into different areas of the screen to get to some of the stars. The candy can be lift up with a help of bubbles. Pop the bubbles whenever you want to make the candy fall towards Om Nom’s mouth. Can you become the true online gamer by completing Cut the Rope Experiments?

Cut the Rope Experiments
4.6 (11 votes)
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