vex 3Vex 3 is a third edition of the most popular parkour game online. The objective of Vex 3 remains the same as in previous titles: and around an obstacle course, avoid dangerous objects and . Use your left and right arrow keys to move, up arrow and jump. Stick to walls and climb them up. While , hold the down arrow key to slide. Jump from side to side of the walls to get up. Play new acts of the game by standing on their act block. Act blocks will let you enter a new stage. Purple blocks are quite weak and will fall down quickly, orange blocks bounce you high, brown blocks can be pushed. Follow the arrows to reach the end of each level. Cross checkpoint flags to save your progress. Move your mouse cursor to look around the stage. All game info such as current level, played and rank are displayed on the top of the screen. Can you complete all challenging levels and stay alive in Vex 3 at Cool Math Games?

Vex 3
4.5 (35 votes)
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